Dog Culture

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A Milwaukee Exhibition Showcases the Midwest’s Imagination
“Rock and Roll Over” CD cover Nashville music scene
A new collection of canine-inspired songs benefits shelters
dog sprayed by skunk
Here’s what to do when your dog’s been sprayed by a skunk.
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Barks the Sounds that Dogs Make
Understanding dog barks, more than just noise
father's day movies
Catch up on these Father's Day movie picks
small scruffy dog
A small dog with an invaluable bag of tricks and a can-do attitude
why do dogs eat grass?
Does your dog graze like a miniature cow?
Georgian Street Dogs
Street dogs, stray dogs, dogs with no discernible appeal—I love them all.
Sweet Potato Salesdog - Shiba Inu
A popular Japanese street-food stand is “manned” by a dog.