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Matt Mays Talking To The Sky
Alt-rocker Matt Mays’ new music video captures his dog’s longing
dogs and smart cars
Researchers study people’s relationships with their dogs as a model for improved automotive experiences.
Andrew Cotter
YouTube whiz about his new book and the dogs behind it
biden adopts a cat
Tips on introducing a cat to a dog home and vice versa
dog tick borne disease
New species of bacteria identified that may cause disease in dogs and humans.
dog history
Dog DNA examined to learn about movement and patterns of ancient dogs.
A video captures the moment a dog trusts his rescuer in Mexico.
Dr. Jill Biden and the Bidens' Dogs, Champ and Major
Biden Dog: From Animal Shelter to First Family
denver pitbull law
Voters approve a measure that provides a “pathway” for lawful registration
Watch dogs put balls into side & corner pockets