Top Reasons to Get Your Dog’s DNA Tested

By Ashley Troutman, April 2019
dog DNA testing - with embark

Dog. It’s the first word many of us learn and the first friend many of us have. Dogs are an integral part of our communities and lives; they represent a feeling of warmth, home and comfort to so many. While pets often become members of the family, many don’t know as much as they could about their furry friends.

If you really want to get to know your pup, try a dog DNA test. Yes, it’s a thing! The test will give you insights on your dog’s breed, family tree, and even relatives. More importantly, a quick cheek swab could give you the ability to add years to your fur baby’s life.

Here are the top four reasons to get your pup’s DNA checked right away:

Unlock Your Dog’s Breed Mix

A dog DNA test unveils what your pup is made of! Knowing what breed your pup is means it’s easier to figure out how big he or she will get. If you wanted a big furball to cuddle with, adopting an English Bulldog wouldn’t be the way to go. And you wouldn’t want to add a Siberian Husky to your family if you live in a small apartment.  


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Knowing your four-legged friend’s breed makes training a lot easier. It can also help you find a purpose for your pup. Certain breeds were developed for certain things, like herding or retrieving.     

Possible Health Risks

Testing your dog’s DNA can identify genetic health risks. Finding out what illnesses your pup may encounter throughout his or her life can allow you to take preventative steps.

A DNA test even has the power to save your dog’s life. For example, if the results confirm that your dog is at risk for the MDR1 mutation, you should talk to your vet about which drug dosages or classes you should avoid. That simple test and conversation could save your dog from having a bad or even deadly reaction to medication.

Learning About Traits

A DNA test also reveals insights on traits. For example, if you don’t want a house full of fur, you may be intrigued by a shedding test. A dog DNA test will even provide an estimated weight for your pup!  

Finding Relatives

Using a dog DNA test can connect you to your dog’s relatives! The Embark Dog DNA Test is the only one on the market that offers this feature, and they will tell you how much DNA your furry friend shares with other pups in their database. Then you can direct message the other dog’s parents to set up pup-dates and chat about what your furry friends have in common!